The Crown Trumpet
Parker Whedon


The Crown Trumpet

Twenty years ago two old-time turkey hunters, Larry Hearn and Parker Whedon, who had made and hunted with trumpet yelpers since 1950, developed and patented the Crown Trumpet with unique new features(U.S. Patent No. 4, 642,063). Their purpose was to design and produce a tunable all-purpose yelper with sufficient range of pitch to be used in all situations in all seasons to make the yelps and other calls appropriate to the circumstances.

Accordingly, the primary outstanding new feature of the Crown Trumpet is its trombone type action by which its length and interior volume can be increased or decreased to raise or lower the basic pitch of its notes. Because of this trombone action the Crown Trumpet has a much greater range of sound than any other trumpet yelper - a range more than adequate to mimic the highest pitched yelps of a young hen or the lowest yelps of an old gobbler.

This is the only basic improvement made in suction calls since they were first used by Native Americans thousands of years ago.

For several reasons the Crown Trumpet (except for a half dozen prototypes) was never produced until now. Now, with permission from the originators, it is available to dedicated turkey hunters who want a full range, all season yelper capable of meetings any situation requiring a specific call or sound, no matter how high or low, loud or soft. Many veteran hunters, after carrying numerous different callers during their earlier hunting years, finally concluded that instead of being a :jack of all trades and master of none" it is much better to carry one full range call and master its full potential and variety of turkey vocabulary.

If what you need is one call to do it all: Yelps, clucks, cuts, whines and kee-kee in the pitch and tone you desire, then you are ready for the most versatile yelper of all- THE CROWN TRUMPET.

Available with two interchangeable mouthpieces.